Super Sleeves

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Instead of complete dive skins, we’re making parts for your parts. We’ve got you covered from head to toe.

These Super Sleeves and (and matching Super Legs) allow you to customize, colorize and identify You! These are great for lightweight travel, wear alone or use under or over wetsuit for stylish identification and ease in getting on and off wetsuit. Great too for exposure protection with a shortie wetsuit and on the surface sun protection you can shed when needed for island walks, cycling, running and fashion.

Photographers love them for the protection they provide from the stinging things and we wear them as fashion with street clothes.

Super Sleeves Size 1
Overall Length:19½”
Width Top Cuff:Base Size 4¾”
Width Top Cuff:Stretches to 6”
Width Bicep:Base Size 4¾”
Width Bicep:Stretches to 7½”
Width Bottom Cuff:Base Size 3”
Width Bottom Cuff:Stretches to 4”
(Stretched Size will stretch further when wet)

Super Sleeves Size 2
Overall Length: 19½”
Width Top Cuff: Base Size 5”
Width Top Cuff:Stretches to 6½”
Width Bicep: Base Size 5”
Width Bicep:Stretches to 7”
Width of Wrist Cuff:3″
Width Bottom Cuff:Stretches to 4½”

Super Sleeves Size 3
Overall Length: 21”
Width Top Cuff: Base Size 5”
Width Top Cuff:Stretches to 7½”
Width Bicep: Base Size 6”
Width Bicep:Stretches to 7½”
Width of Wrist Cuff:3½”
Width Bottom Cuff:Stretches to 5”

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