CoCo Flirty Skirt

Our Flirty Skirt just feels good. It’s 17″ long and you can wear on waist or hips. Our wide waistband is 30″ but stretches to 40″. Wear for watersports activities or wear for fashion, to and from yoga – so comfortable!

We can now make the waistband smaller with an inverted pleat and CoCo Snaps. Just let us know the measurement where you want to wear it – around your waist (or hips). Remember our fabric stretches too. And, if you order it smaller, we are happy to oblige but we cannot accept returns.

Your very own personal dressing room. Wear on the boat, when it is time to suit up, I take off my flipflops, put on my ScubaTubeSocks, slide into my wetsuit over my hips and bum, under the Flirty Skirt then remove the CoCo Flirty Skirt – same works in reverse.

If you see a CoCo Flirty Skirt you like and want it longer, we can add an 8″ Long Extension for an additional $15. Just let us know …