ScubaTubeSocks Dive Snorkel Water Socks Super Size

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And these are Super Size!   ScubaTubeSocks are comfortable, pull-on, stretchable foot coverings, also known as socks, designed to assist divers in the frustrating act of gearing up, they unify rebel toes into a sleek unit that glides into your wetsuit, booties and/or fins. As an extra layer between skin and footwear, they also provide protection from developing blisters. Topside, they look great with clogs, slides and Chucks. We also wear them in cowboy boots and in the Security line at the airport – the TSA love them! Where’d you get those socks?


We listened! Scuba Dive Snorkel Water Socks. You love our ScubaTubeSocks but some of you wanted a smidge wider and a full 6″ longer. Overall, that’s 19″ x 5.25″ that flares a bit at the top. These socks are always in limited supply as we do not have full production runs – very special! Our ScubaTubeSocks Super Size rock! They are for HappyFeet and they make your buddies smile. For ease in performing the wetsuit dance and for keeping blisters at bay. One savvy customer said they’re like wearing lingerie for your feet and once you wear them, you’ll never want to be without. Makes getting your wetsuit on a bit easier and, if you want to be popular on a dive boat, take some to share! Cave divers laughed at Robin the beginning of a trip when he donned the Socks. By the end of the third day, they were all taping their feet but Robin had HappyFeet!

ScubaTubeSocks-super-size Scuba Socks for Slide in Feet Style and no blisters. ScubaTubeSocks are lube for your feet! Slide them on and experience how easily your wetsuit comes on and off – and your booties or full-foot fins too. Our Super Size Socks are easily seen in your gear bag and make people smile when they see your foot style & personality. They are made in America of high performance fabrics that stretch and have a much better feel than nylon – and they are thicker.

Divers in the know don’t leave home without them and some good buddies share with others who have blisters. Our Scuba Dive Water Snorkel Kayak Socks are great with full foot fins and in booties!How much Sock’em on your ankles is dependent on the length your feet. These are quite comfortable – and stylish for every day wear. Ask awesome photographer, Mitchell Kearney and dive instructor, Jeff Leicher of Jack’s Diving Locker.

ScubatubeSocks Rock Tobago

Thanks Dani!



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Biolumina, Black Reef, Black Water, BlueFishy, BlushFishPink, Bluzzle, Camo Limey, Camo Red, Cenote Blue, Champagne Reef, Cheetah Rita, Chevy to the Levy, ChromaEdge, ChromaSub, Coral Curve, CrystalCave, CurrentAffair, Deepness, Diatomastic, Digi Midas, Doppler, Earl of Curl, Frond of You, GetWetBlue, Here We Flow, Halcyon Daze, Ick Amore, Italian Isles, Jewel Tone, LavaLove, Magenta, Magenta Meow, Main Squeeze, Pastella Fella, Pebble Beach Panky, Poppy Sea, PrimarySchiz, Prismatic, Purplexed, Red Joker, Reef Shadows, Rotus, Shift, So Impressive, Swurple, Surge Me, Tattoo You, Tesla, Twister, TyeDyePanky, Wrusty Wreck, YoginiBellini, LE Sunny Sea

3 reviews for ScubaTubeSocks Dive Snorkel Water Socks Super Size

  1. Debtheweb (verified owner)

    I used to get sores on my feet from wearing boots with my flippers. I just did 28 dives with the socks with my boots and my feet were so happy! Love them!!❤️❤️

    • Suuz Martines

      Deb!!! Thanks so much for letting us know.
      We are so glad you love which made your dives more enjoyable.
      Happy Feet!!

  2. Woody Alpern (verified owner)

    I can’t tell you how many compliments I get when people see my Ccr house protectors. I just ordered another set for my DSV hoses and low pressure inflator hose as well. They are super eye popping and stylish and of course protect the hoses from cuts and abrasions (critically important for a rebreather). Highly recommend.

    • Suuz Martines

      Hey Woody! Thanks for letting us know. Most don’t realize why we would ever need these but they so enhance our ability to ID our gear and “Be Seen”. So glad you are one of our Secret Agents of Style!

  3. Laura G Eagleton

    I wear them SCUBA diving so my boots will come off without a struggle, snorkeling with the whales and other beasties, in airports and with sandals (because these socks are special!). Love the patterns and colors–the wilder the better.

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