New prints start arriving this week!
Thx for your patience - and we are back to our speedy shipping!
Thanks to all who came by ScubaDoRag at DEMA 2023!
And gratitude to especially my awesome crew Virginia Worn-Ross and Don Markham. Thanks for your hard work, spontaneity, can-do attitudes, and creativity. We had no idea Virginia would surprise us everyday with her wigs of color!


Our Scuba Tube Socks rock! Divers in the know don’t leave home without them and some good buddies share with others who have blisters. Great with full foot fins and in booties! Scuba Tube Socks promote Happy Feet and coordinate easily to colorfully identify your gear. Not necessarily for the warmth but for ease in performing the Wetsuit Dance and unifying rebel toes into a sleek unit that glides into your wetsuit, booties and/or fins. Helps avert and ease blisters from double-duty diving in full foot fins or booties. Topside they’re fab with clogs, slides and Chucks! Cave divers laughed at Robin the beginning of a trip when he donned the Socks. By the end of the third day, they were all taping their feet but Robin had Happy Feet! One savvy customer said they’re like wearing lingerie for your feet and once you wear them, you’ll never want to be without.