If you need us for your Dive Style, please note our Skeletal Shipping Schedule:

We are traveling June 17-28, 2024
and will resume our normal speedy shipping on June 29th

We will offer Skeletal Shipping during those two weeks on
(Tuesday-ish and Friday-ish) of each week.

No rush orders, no Wholesale orders,
nor special requests until we return.

Just wanted to give you a heads up ๐Ÿ™‚ because we appreciate your trust to take a small part of us
along with you on your travels.

We appreciate your loyalty, respect of our truly original designs and our intellectual property. We are the Original, the bringer of colorful prints and vivid hues for you to use for functional hair management, sun protection, and identification. Many copiers act like Robin Hood, that we are some huge entity; they are “sticking it to the man”. Really, they are stealing our original works in a market we built for 17 years. This can lead to BLK – Bad Life Karma – underwater. Know your Makers – Know Quality!


We now are showing our true colors (and prints)
when shopping our products – enjoy!


And, no matter where we are in the world,
you can always find us
At the Corner of Fun & Fashionโ„ข ๐Ÿ™‚

Also known as Scuba Do Rag, Do Rag, DoRag, Doo Rag, DooRag, Bandana, Hat, Head Gear and Head Wrap, and Scuba Hood.

Our made in the US products are colorful Lycra spandex, moisture – wicking fabrics that provide sun protection, hair color protection and identify your gear and you. Our fabrics help you get on boots, wetsuits, fins and booties.

From pirate to underwater explorer, runners, sports, yoga, dancers and fashion forwards, chemo, hair loss and alopecia experience, our patented ScubaDoRag line of products include head wear, Scuba Tube Socks, CoCo Big Oh headband, our funky Rash Guard and Flirty Skirt clothing, so you can dive into your active lifestyle. Made in America !

We know you are a Secret Agent of Style!

In Truth & Style,
Suuz and CoCo