suuz martines

Founder of Suuz Enterprise Inc… creator of the ScubaDoRag and perpetual SecretAgent of Truth & StyleTM

Suuz Martines, conceptual designer for more than 25 years, aspires to banish beige and invite clients to add color and creativity to their events, holiday décor, interiors, shopping centers, trade shows and visual merchandising through theme development and intentional continuity of their image.

Attempting to help others change after experiencing many life altering changes herself, Suuz developed CoCoCheznaynay® SecretAgent of Truth & StyleTM as a branding vehicle and a truth-seeking character who disperses CoCoCourage, wit and wisdom. CoCo’s about owning all of who you are and facing your fears – Then scuba lessons and overwhelming performance anxiety fear and Coco started teaching Suuz, who stuck with it, and while on all of these boats, saw a need for product to contain the hair – voila! ScubaDoRagsTM, a patent-pending product!

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