ScubaDo Hose Covers

Our ScubaDo Hose Covers fit most rebreathers. We also put on our BC inflator hose. If you can imagine a dive boat unloaded on the dock with 12 sets of gear, you’re at lunch and you can pick yours out from 30 yds away – yes! ID your gear with our ScubaDo Hose Covers. Size 1″ Width 2.25″, Width stretched 3.25″ x 13″ Length, Size 2 – Width 2.75″, Width stretched 4″ x 13″ Length

We’ve also placed over the arms of camera gear – very utilitarian – and stylish. Note: Poseidon Discovery MkVI hoses come with a thin black cover already. We’ve had reports, they like Size 1 for a tight fit. Our fabrics stretch more when wet so you may want to try this as a tip. To wear on BC inflator hose, Size 2 is wider to fit over inflator. They will not stay up on hose but we always enjoy the look and utility of identifying our gear.

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