ScubaDo Hose Cover Super Size for Inflator, Rebreather and Ponytail Hair



ScubaDo Rebreather, Inflator Hose, Ponytail Hair Cover in Super Size is longer and finished like our originals for rebreathers and BCDs (placed flat 2.5″ wide by 20″ finished length). A great way to color code gear for safety and security with our Rebreather BCD Hose Cover.
I first came up with this idea when I saw a Florida dive shop, Conch Republic, had several technical divers who had just left. Their gear was all over the place as Gary and Brenda Mace were preparing to ship them back to the owners. I thought how can you keep all of the disparate parts from being mixed up?

Our ScubaDo Rebreather BCD Hose Cover – also used when there are 12 sets of gear lined up on a dock, guess whose shows up? ID your BC!
These are priced as each, not a pair because not everyone has grown a pair for rebreathers 🙂

Note: No returns or refunds on Sale items.

And use ScubaDo Rebreather Inflator Hose Ponytail Hair Cover to dress up your ankle weights or use your ankle weights as a mermaid necklace. You can also feed a ScubaDo Hose Cover on your backpack strap – and – we are now using to pull your ponytail through our Hose Covers but we are not changing our product name for this purpose so now we get to call our ponytail a “Hose”. At Long Beach Scuba Show, Sara’s Hose was longer than mine but I am a confident person so I was not bothered 🙂 These work really well with out CoCo Big Oh! headband. Secure your ponytail in an elastic holder, twist ponytail, fold in half, gather ScubaDo Hose Cover, use 2nd and 3rd finger to grab and pull ponytail through Cover, use another elastic band to secure between head and first elastic band, use another band at the end.

We are the Original Hose Covers – anyone else is a pirate 🙂 Rebreather, Inflator Hose Ponytail Hair Cover

This was my excitement when I first introduced our shorter ones:

Additional information

Weight .10 lbs

AquaFish, Art No Deco, BlackFlora, Black Reef, BlackWater, BlueFishy, BluRay, BlushFishPink, Bluzzle, Bluzzle Digi, Camelabra, CamoCarrot, ChromaSub, Coral Aqua Octo Inked, ChromaWave, CrystalCave, CurrentAffair, DeepBlueWreck, DepthFinder, DigiBluzzle, DigitalCarrot, DigitalLimey, DigiPatriot, Earl of Curl, FeatherDuster, FunkyFlow, GetWetBlue, HapHappy, HeatWave, Hibi Fijibe, HibisKiss, HibisKissBlues, InlandShade, ItalianIsles, Jewel Tide, LavaLove, LimeyEh, MagentaMeow, MOcean, OceanSpray, Paisley Babe, Paisley Park, PescadoPlaid, Primary Movers, Pyscho Circuit, Psycho Smokey, Red Digi, ReefGladness, Reef Shadows, Rotus, SeabraMax, SeabraMini, SeacretsBelow, Surge, Swurple, Tesla, TopoBlue, TopoRed, TurtleLove, TyeDyePanky, TyeDyeOceanic, WaterWiki, YoureSoVeinBlue, YoureSoVeinOrange, YoureSoVeinPurple, YoureSoVeinRed, LE Octo Azul, LE Octo Rojo, LE Sharky Me Azul, LE Sharky Me Limey, LE Sharky Me Black, LE Sharky Me Black Sea, LE Sharky Me Carib, LE Mermaid Namaste, LE Mermaid Shell Phone, LE Pup's TropRock Pearlspot, LE Whale Tale Limey, LE Fox Ahoy Blanca, LE Blackwater Diving, LE EmOcean, LE Mermaid Scale, LE OctoOrange, LE Sunny Sea, Solid Orange, Solid Red, Solid Yellow


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