Charlotte, NC — May 1, 2005 The ScubaDoRag™, a patented head covering developed originally for scuba divers, is really catching on thanks to some good fortune and the untiring efforts of Susan Martin, its designer-inventor. This summer, the stylish headwear made of colorful stretch fabric will be prominent at the 2005 National Scout Jamboree, the Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Ride, SkyShow 2005 and conceivably at Salma Hayek’s pool.

Susan Martin, Inc. was contracted by the Boy Scouts of America to supply 325 custom ScubaDoRags™ for certified scuba instructors who will teach scuba diving to thousands of Scouts attending the 2005 Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill in late July. The head coverings will serve to identify the instructors at eight Olympic-sized pools and to provide protection from the blazing summer sun.

Another product developed by Martin called a Shoodn’t will be worn by divers in an upcoming National Geographic film produced by, a company that explores communication between dolphins and humans. The product, essentially an underwater undershirt made of stretchable fabric, guards divers from developing a rash getting in and out of wetsuits.

The real breakout story of the summer for the ScubaDoRag may yet be tabloid fodder. Earlier this year Salma Hayek purchased four ScubaDoRags from a new dealer, Conch Republic Divers, in Tavernier, Florida. So, where are the paparazzi when you need them?