Charlotte, NC — March 6, 2002   ScubaDoRags™ are popping up in the most interesting places. In the pits at NASCAR races, on movie sets, the streets of New York, the docks of Brisbane, and, more recently, in Salt Lake City. Originally developed for scuba divers, the cap´s bright colors and fab and funky patterns have started to gain a wider following. The quick-drying, stretchable ScubaDoRags™ have now been discovered by roller bladers, wind surfers and concert-goers. Based on the popularity of the ScubaDoRag™ outside the water sports environment, the CocoCheznaynay® label continues to look into other markets. Don´t be surprised if you soon see custom versions of them on cruise ship activity directors or on regatta crews. There’s just something about this stylish head covering, now in 17 expressive patterns, that fits the bill wherever people travel. Dive masters and diving instructors no longer have exclusive claim to the cap.

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