Charlotte, NC — April 3, 2002   ScubaDoRags™ are popping up in the most interesting places. The swashbuckling head wrap originally developed for scuba divers has been spotted in recent weeks on the back lots of Universal Pictures, in the French Quarter, at Texas Motor Speedway, and in the café district of Soho. The bright colors and funky patterns of the quick-drying, stretchable ScubaDoRag™ have found favor with film crews, concertgoers, x-gamers, ER surgeons, fashion photographers and the occasional street thug. Seems as though they are as fashionable as they are functional.

Developed by novice skin diver and conceptual designer Susan Martin of Charlotte, North Carolina, the ScubaDoRag™ addressed the need of divers to contain long flowing hair and to remain visible at great depths under water. Characteristic of Martin´s flamboyant personal style, ScubaDoRags™ are cut from bright and colorful Spandex fabric. Each pattern is assigned a name almost as colorful as its fabric: BandanaYana™, GetSharky™, LionFishLapis™, PrimeLime™, CheckeredPass™, and SwimThruToo™. By design, all fabric patterns are manufactured in limited quantities. Several of the original fabric patterns have now been officially retired. Today, the AmeriCoCoBrite™ pattern featuring a royal blue field of white stars accented with red stripes is the most popular pattern.

Cut and manufactured in the United States, ScubaDoRags™ are currently available in 17 fab & funky patterns at select dive shops in the U. S., the Caribbean and on the Internet at Each ScubaDoRag™ has a secret compartment in its tail for storing a room key, cash, or lucky charm. Some divers even tuck their ponytails in it.

The official ScubaDoRag™ website is located at The site features the fashionable head wrap and other products on the CocoCheznaynay® label. Visitors to the site can view enlarged swatches of available fabric patterns, get directions on how to care for the products, and place credit card orders online.

For more information visit or contact Susan Martin at or at 704.372.5170.