Charlotte, NC — August 15, 2002   CoCoCheznaynay® ScubaDoRags™ are featured among six other scuba products in the August 2002 issue of Popular Science. The magazine contacted Susan Martin, Inc. in May stating they had heard about the merits of the product as a safety device for high visibility underwater. The current retail price is $35.00 USD.

Evidently, new product treasure hunters scour the magazine judging by the recent flurry of calls to Susan Martin, Inc. and see the potential of other vertical markets already addressed in the patent work sent in on May 24, 2002.

And just this week, the editor of Sports Illustrated Women contacted the company requesting Susan’s other product, ScubaGoodHood™ for their November 2002 issue of scuba equipment. ScubaGoodHood™, originally designed for a deep-sea diver who is allergic to sea lice, the GoodHood serves as a protective liner inside a diver’s neoprene hood, covering the ears and neck. It stows a diver’s hair under the hood and provides protection from the overhead environment.It can also relieve the discomfort of a mask strap. Made of Spandex, the GoodHood™ features an elongated neck and bib that can be tucked comfortably under a wet suit. Like the ScubaDoRag™, the lightweight hood is cut and sewn from limited-edition fabrics. Currently the ScubaGoodHood is available in BahiaBubbles™, CoCoStars™, BlueGreenWeave™ and TulipTreuse™. New solid colors available are black, called CoCoTar™ and that highly visible neon green called Limey™. PurplePepper™ and AquaSplash™ are already sold out. The hood retails for $30.00 U.S.D. Both products currently are available online at For more information, contact Susan Martin at or call 704-372-5170.

Coco Cheznaynay™ is a trademarked brand and alter ego of Susan Martin. CoCo is an arbiter of truth and style who believes that by overcoming fear one discovers one’s true mission. Susan’s experience overcoming a fear of scuba led to this revelation. Susan is a designer who specializes in thematic decór for commercial and residential clients