Charlotte, NC For years, scuba instructors and divemasters have looked for ways to keep track of students and divers in the open water. Many have discovered that ScubaDoRags provide a way for divers to be “seen” and look good at the same time.

Introduced by designer Susan Martin last year, ScubaDoRags have taken the industry by storm. National magazines such as Popular Science and Sports Illustrated For Women have featured the colorful fashion accessory that isn’t necessarily just for divers. Made from a variety of vivid spandex materials, ScubaDoRags are light-weight and highly functional.

Divers with long-hair find ScubaDoRags a great way to prevent hair becoming entangled underwater, while divers on the surface appreciate the protection for the sun and other elements ScubaDoRags provide.

Martin, an experienced diver and style expert, saw the need for a product that provided light-weight head and hair protection during some diving experiences in the Caribbean. “Women with long hair often had trouble under the water and I saw the Divemasters and Instructors using makeshift head covering to protect themselves. Right then and there, I decided that we could create something better, and we did.”