ScubaDoRags™ (Patent Pending) were originally developed for divers to contain their hair, identify them underwater and provide sun protection on the surface. If they become wet, they dry quickly and do not blow off like other hats on the boat. Boaters and fishermen started wearing them, now anyone that needs to keep their hair contained on those bedhead or beach bouffant days Some females with medium length put their hair in pigtails which peak out from the two spaces on either side of the SecretCompartment. If you have longer hair, you can tie the Ragtails over and under your ponytail and stuff it into the SecretCompartment in the Stingray Pouch™ or use the included ziplock bag for storing a bit o’ cash, credit card/ID, key, lucky charm or a tip for your favorite dive master.

Now to the history of how this product came to be…While going through a “MidLife Awakening”, I was developing this character, CoCoCheznaynay®, Secret Agent of Truth & Style. She teaches to own all of who you are, to find your mission and to develop your true sense of style in a whimsical, non-threatening way. I was writing through CoCo to be fearless about making change. I was quite confident in parlaying this information because of my own personal experiences and growth – until I started scuba lessons. I came face to face with my own fears I did not know I had – performance anxiety about doing the skills in front of others and not being able to speak underwater when I was scared or did not understand. I then understood what a huge issue this is for me and many others – giving your power away and trusting that someone would have your best interest in the forefront.

The class was big and haphazard and I realized once again, I evidently learn and process differently than most. I also realized not being able to use my personality or gift of gab underwater greatly handicapped my normal coping skills and I had always been hired or praised for being so different in my design and special event business. I really felt “like a fish out of water” … One night the class was small and I was descending with two other students and I went down too fast without clearing – I blew out my ear but luckily with no permanent damage. While it healed, I went on a scheduled trip to England and knew I had to go back and finish no matter how scared or bothered. I was paralyzed by my fear and knew if I did not face it I could never teach it. That dive instructor quit before we could finish the class so they hired another. I started all over instead of making up just what I had missed. I finally got certified in a rock quarry and vowed that I would never dive again unless it was blue water and warm.

I traveled by myself to Mexico and was still shaky but feeling better. I started seeing the beauty of owning my fears so I could see the beauty at the bottom of the ocean. I was writing about how much scuba parallels life lessons. I went on eight trips that year and had another horrible certification experience (Advanced) with a dive instructor who had a problem with alcohol. But I became very vested in becoming a good diver and really honed my skills in the fast waters of Cozumel. Traveling alone has its merits – I met so many wonderful divers and started paying attention to their equipment, their processes, their fin kicks, their breathing and their thoughts on how to develop their skills.

One girl I was diving with had medium length hair and messed with it the entire dive. I always liked SecretAgents and grew up with many. I love gadgets and appreciated how they always had the perfect tools for any situation. That’s another reason I love scuba – the “Stuff”! My SecretAgent mind started the process of seeing the hair problem and knowing James Bond surely would have had a fix for this… I came back and researched what was on the market and improved and developed new features. I made the first ten myself, paid for a label design so others would know I was serious about protecting my innovation, went on a trip to test dive them. After great reviews, I started the manufacturing and distribution learning curve. (I am still in the curve).

Some of the lessons I learned are written in the CoCoQuotes on the inside of the labels. CoCo hopes that at least through osmosis maybe some of the messages will get through…