ScubaDo Tube, HuggaHead Mask




For Sun Protection as a Gaiter, a Hood or as a headband, or mask, try our ScubaDo Tube or Do Tube HuggaHead. ScubaDo Tube your head, your neck as a Hood or a scrunched-up headband for sun protection, or wear on your thigh for ID. You can also try it under your BCD straps towards the bottom of your tank for ID. Coordinates w/ all our products. Can be worn any way that serves your purpose. Made of our yummy, high-performance, moisture-wicking fabrics in our stylish prints.

All older, taller, narrower Do Tubes on sale for $10.00 We are closing these older ones out. No returns or refunds on Sale items.

Our newest are a bit wider (laying flat 9.25 inches) and a bit shorter for ease and versatility 16 inches tall)

You will know these by the Item: sdthh

Additional information

Weight .30 lbs

AquaFish, Art No Deco, Black Reef, Black Water, BlueFishy, BluRay, BlushFishPink, Bluzzle, Camo Red, Chroma Edge, Coral Aqua Octo Inked, Crystal Cave, CurrentAffair, DeepBlueWreck, DepthFinder, Digi Bluzzle, Digi Carrot, Digi Limey, Digi Patriot, FunkyFlow, GetWetBlue, HapHappy, HeatWave, HibisKiss, HibisKissBlues, InlandShade, Italian Isles, LavaLove, LimeyCamo, MOcean, MrMosaic, OceanSpray, Pescado Plaid, Paisley Babe, Paisley Park, Psycho Smokey, Reef Shadows, RockStar, Rotus, SeabraMax, SeacretsBelow, Tesla, Topo Blue, Topo Red, TurtleLove, Tye Dye Oceanic, TyeDyePanky, WaterWiki, YoginiBellini, Youre So Orange, Youre So Red, Youre So Purple, LE Octo Azul, LE Sharky Me Azul, LE Sharky Me Black Sea, LE Sharky Me Carib, LE Mermaid Namaste

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