Charlotte, NC May 25, 2004.
Designer Susan Martin received the ultimate validation for an idea that she had three years ago during a scuba jaunt to Cozumel, Mexico. She was issued a utility patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the ScubaDoRag™, a self-designed head covering made of Lycra®, originally developed for scuba divers to tame the hair, identify them underwater and provide sun protection on the surface. FashionForwards have adopted them for the color they provide and to keep their hair contained on those casual or bedhead days. For longer hair, the Ragtails can be tied over and under the ponytail and stuffed into the Secret Compartment in the Stingray Pouch™ or use the included ziplock bag for storing a bit ‘o cash, credit card / ID, key or a lucky charm.

Vertical markets of kayakers, runners, motorcyclists and more are now in sight. The issuance of the patent successfully concluded a three-year application process that included a 12-month provisional patent.

“The patent provides instant credibility and affords me the opportunity to explore other vertical markets through strategic alliances with manufacturers, specialty fabric firms and investors..” — Susan Martin CEO ScubaDoRag

The utility patent gives Martin the right for a period of twenty years to promote and profit from her invention and to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing a like product covered within the scope of protection granted by the patent. The patent is broad in its coverage and subsequent protection and includes an engineering component. With the patent in hand, Martin will now seek licensing arrangements in other market segments.

The ScubaDoRag was introduced as a quick-drying and stretchable diver’s cap in 2001 at trade shows. Its design and manufacturing methods were subsequently refined for the patent application. Today, the ScubaDoRag is available in 21 limited edition fabrics with colorful names assigned by Martin and marketed online ( ), at select dive shops and at trade shows.

Susan Martin is on a personal and professional crusade to rid the world of life-numbing drabness, and her focus for now is the scuba industry. In 2000, Susan expanded her business and creative horizons by establishing a product and services brand, Coco Cheznaynay®, which would allow her to develop and market products and services. The Scuba Do Rag was the label’s first branded product.

For more information and photos available, contact Susan Martin at 704.372.5170. To view Patent # 6,738,986 B1, go to: and conduct a patent search by entering the above patent number.