Charlotte, NC – September 13, 2001   Encouraged by the successful 2001 launch of the ScubaDoRag™, a quick-drying, stretchable diver cap, the CocoCheznaynay® label now introduces the ScubaGoodHood™. Originally designed for a deep-sea diver who is allergic to sea lice, the GoodHood™ serves as a protective liner inside a diver´s neoprene hood, covering the ears and neck. It stows a diver´s hair under the hood and provides protection from the overhead environment. It can also relieve the discomfort of a mask strap. Made of Spandex, the GoodHood features an elongated neck and bib that can be tucked comfortably under a wet suit. Like the ScubaDoRag™, the lightweight hood is cut and sewn from limited-edition fabrics. Currently the ScubaGoodHood is available in three colors: AquaSplash™, BahiaBubbles™, and PurplePepper™. The new hood retails for $30.00 U.S., including shipping within the United States. They currently are available online at For more information, contact Susan Martin at or call 704-372-5175.