Charlotte, NC — June 24, 2002    The patriotic fervor that is sweeping the nation has found colorful expression in a sportswear accessory that also makes a swashbuckling fashion statement. The ScubaDoRag™, a quick-drying, stretchable cap, was originally developed for scuba divers for mostly utilitarian purposes. Introduced in 2000, the ScubaDoRag™ was made of colorful Lycra fabric designed for divers to tame the hair, identify them underwater and provide sun protection on the surface. It was mission more-than-accomplished when boaters and others began to take notice. Now FashionForwards have adopted them for the color they provide and to keep their hair contained on those casual or bedhead days. For longer hair, the Ragtails can be tied over and under the ponytail and stuffed into the Secret Compartment in the Stingray Pouch™ or use the included ziplock bag for storing a bit ‘o cash, credit card / ID, key or a lucky charm.

ScubaDoRags™, now patent pending, are available in 17 fab and funky, limited-edition fabrics. They fit and look much better than cotton bandanas because of their accommodating stretch. Each fabric pattern is assigned a name almost as colorful as its fabric. Popular patterns include: BandanaYana™, ZowieMaui™, PeakBeak™, GetSharky™, TulipTreuse™ LionFishLapis™, SwimThruToo™, AzurePleasure™, Limey™, and PurplePurge™. Today, the AmeriCoCoBrite™ pattern featuring stars and stripes is easily outselling the next three most popular patterns combined and is worn with flag-waving pride.

The ScubaDoRag™ is a product on the CoCoCheznaynay® label, a division of Susan Martin, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and has recently been featured in key trade publications including Scuba Diver, Diver, and Sport Diver Magazine, Cruising World, Boating World and soon to be featured in Popular Science.