Charlotte, NC — February 26, 2002   Leave it to a designer to add a fashion touch to the sport of scuba diving. Designer and novice diver Susan Martin recognized that divers had needs other than compressed air and water. The ScubaDoRag™ came into being as she addressed her need to whisk her long hair away from her face. Two years later, this colorful, quick-drying head covering made of Spandex is now worn by dive masters, instructors and trend-setting divers from Cozumel to Lake Mead and around the world. Turns out, the ScubaDoRag™ performs an important safety function, too. Its bright colors make it visible at great depths and on the surface of the water. Dive groups are able to keep track of party members by their stylish headgear. Boaters find it fun and functional, too.

ScubaDoRags™, part of Susan´s CoCoCheznaynay® product line, even have a secret pocket for storing gold doubloons, your lucky charm, a room key or a tip for your favorite dive master. This popular water sport accessory, now available in 17 fab-funky patterns, also makes a fashion statement. That´s why they are now appearing on the docks, on the boardwalk and other hip and happening places.

To add a little style to your life, check out the website, or give Susan a call at 704.372.5170.