Charlotte, NC August 12, 2004. Some of the most colorful people in the world are scuba divers, according to designer Susan Martin, but you wouldn’t know it by scuba fashion. New products designed by her add color and style in and out of the boat or water.

Susan Martin is on a personal and professional crusade to rid the world of life-numbing drabness, and her focus for now is the scuba industry. Martin got a toehold making over the scuba market a few years back when she introduced the patented ScubaDoRag™, now a scuba accessory staple, and the ScubaGoodHood™. Those products are currently available at select dive shops in the world and on the Internet at For more information, contact Susan Martin at or call 704.372.5170.

The SuperShood™ is a shirt and hood pullover made of quick-drying, stretchable fabric of two or more provocative patterns that are sewn together to make a bold and exotic fashion statement. Now available in limited edition SuperHero designs, the SuperShood aids in sun protection, minimizes chafing from life jackets/BC’s and get you noticed on the back of a bike when you are the bumper! And most recently, HoodlessShood™ or Shoodn’t™ with long sleeves are available.

The ScubaTubeSock™ is pull-on, stretchable foot covering that was designed not so much for warmth but for assisting in the frustrating Friction Dance of getting into your wetsuit. The ScubaTubeSock also adds a skosh or two of foot comfort in booties and fins. Both products are on Martin’s Coco Cheznaynay® label.

BuddyBands™ are sold in pairs and each worn as an armband within the triangle configuration. Used for immediate recognition of your Buddy and as a great visual aid for DiveMasters or Instuctors to quickly identify matching Buddies or an entire dive group.

The great CoCoCoverUp™ is made of two separate fabrics in feel-good, fashion-savvy designs to coordinate with our other products. It’s reversible to wear over your swimsuit, yoga clothes or on your Secret Agent mission.