Leave it to a designer to add a fashion touch to the sport of diving. Designer and novice diver Susan Martin recognized the need of divers with free-flowing hair and promptly filled it with characteristic flair by creating the Scuba Do Rag™ on her CoCoCheznaynay® product line.

Made of Spandex for its quick-drying and fabric-stretching qualities, ScubaDoRags™ stretch over the head and allow divers to tuck their hair under it. If they have long hair they can tie the Rag Tails under their ponytail. In this way it serves better than a headband to keep hair out of a diver’s face. It’s designed to be less constricting and more comfortable than diving hoods.

Even if hair isn’t a big concern, the ScubaDoRags™ provide protection from run-ins with coral or debris from overhead environments. They also offer protection from the sun while on the surface of the water and on the boat between dives.

The ScubaDoRag™ even has a secret compartment for storing gold doubloons, your lucky charm or a tip for your favorite dive master. A 2.5″ x 3″ zip lock bag fits inside the Stingray Pouch™ for lightweight, waterproof use.

This protective accessory is also meant to make a fashion statement. ScubaDoRags™ are now available in twelve colorful fabrics including PurplePepper™, SwellScale™, TreasureIsland™ a pattern that appeals to the pirate in all divers. Also included are Mucho Maya™, ZowieMaui™, CoralPsychSub™, AniCoCo™, ElectricEel™ and SwimThruBleu™ and all are limited editions.
DeepBlueDebbie™, named in honor of the owner of a dive shop in Cozumel; BeaBeaKiwi™ and PescadoLoco™, are now sold out and highly collectible.

CamoCoCo™, CheckeredPass™ and WowPalau™ are next in line for production and two, as yet unknowns, enter the line soon. Other new colors and fabrics will be introduced in limited edition in the coming months, and Martin plans to design her own line of fabrics in the upcoming seasons.

The colorful ScubaDoRags™ serve other important purposes. Underwater, they serve as a means of identifying fellow members of a diving group. Also, divers wearing them are easier to spot on the surface of the water while waiting for the boat after a dive.

The current retail price is $35.00 USD payable by check, money order or credit card and available by contacting Martin at www.cococheznaynay.com, by telephone 704.372.5170 or by email at cococheznaynay@vnet.net.

Every CocoCheznaynay® product has either a secret compartment or a dual purpose and original “CoCoQuotes”™. CocoCheznaynay® is a trademarked brand (and is the alter ego of creator Susan Martin). CoCoCheznaynay®, Secret Agent of Truth and Style™ believes that by overcoming fear one discovers one’s true mission. Many of Susan’s own fears surfaced while working on her certifications, some of which had nothing to do with scuba but were, nonetheless, life changing.