I developed a secret agent character while facing some tough life decisions. Her name is CoCo Cheznaynay™ Secret Agent of Truth & Style and she teaches to own all of who you are and face your fear. My design business of holiday/event decor was doing well and I was preparing to design CoCo products for home, fashion, travel that would teach others to face their fear as I had; Then, about the time I had paid for graphics package and intellectual property, I started taking scuba lessons and realized I had strange performance anxiety – it was not about water, nor the equipment but the act of being lined up to perform the certification skills.

I guess that is why I became self-employed to mask that fear of comparison to others when I was scared I would not measure up. This was quite a surprise to me but anxiety attacks do not lie. I knew I had to overcome this and get my certification or abandon the character. How to develop a character to teach when I cannot do, in this case what she teaches?

Sooooo I faced my fear, got my certification, went on 8 trips by myself, honed my skills and every time I got on a boat, divers complained about their hair. I looked for a solution, there was not one, I made some samples, looked into a patent, had logo designed, sent samples to Sport Diver magazine, made editorial coverage and it kind of launched without me prepared.

I had an article written in Charlotte Magazine, read by an investor who called me. He was to invest the money and handle sales, distribution and processes, I was to create and design. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor – I did not receive the money or the help of those parts I do not know.

Soooo, I have learned all of this and pretty much feel like a failure everyday (which is a lie I tell myself) but this brand, ScubaDoRag, is awesome and bigger than me. It was born of courage to change.