Charlotte, NC — May 23, 2002   CoCoCheznaynay®, maker of ScubaDoRags™ and ScubaGood Hoods™, is making a big splash with its summer lineup of dive caps featuring five new colors and patterns. Three of the patterns — TulipTreuse™, PeakBeak™, GeePsyche™ — are multi-colored and exuberantly expressive. CocoTar™ and Limey™, a solid black and a solid lime-green pattern, were added to fill the special requests of some of our favorite diving buddies. The new summer lineup replaces popular patterns that have officially been retired.

ScubaDoRags™ are currently available at select dive shops in the U. S., the Caribbean and on the Internet at where you can view enlarged swatches of the new and all other available fabric patterns. Current retail price is $35.00, plus shipping.

For more information, contact Susan Martin at or reach her at 704.372.5170.