Charlotte, NC Our most popular and, by far, most requested ScubaDoRag™ returns for a limited engagement in time for patriotic fervor, sporting events and, of course, being seen underwater. It has truly been a nationwide effort getting the two different fabrics printed – stars printed in the West and stripes in the east.

Susan Martin, Inc. was contracted by the Boy Scouts of America to supply 325 custom ScubaDoRags™ for certified scuba instructors who will teach scuba diving to thousands of Scouts attending the 2005 Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill in late July. The head coverings will serve to identify the instructors at eight Olympic-sized pools and to provide protection from the blazing summer sun.

And since its last showing, the original ScubaDoRag™ now sports a utility patent – accept no substitute! Unlike cotton products, our material dries fast, stretches to fit, and will maintain its color and shape. Originally developed for divers, our products are also used by motorcyclists, martial artists, exercise enthusiasts, surgeons, chemotherapy patients, and FashionForwards.

Our first and most popular product, the ScubaDoRag™ is designed for divers to tame the hair, identify them underwater and provide sun protection on the surface. FashionForwards have adopted them for the color they provide and to keep their hair contained on those casual or bedhead days. For longer hair, the Ragtails can be tied over and under the ponytail and stuffed into the Secret Compartment in the Stingray Pouch™ or use for storing a bit ‘o cash, credit card/ID, key or a lucky charm. products are designed for safety, action, and style. Our limited edition prints, solids, and textures are highly visible above and below the sea.

We also carry ScubaGoodHood™, ScubaTubeSocks™, BuddyBands™, SuperShoods and Shoodn’ts and CoCoCoverUps.

Our products are sold by dealers with good taste and sense throughout the world, by phone, or online. BuddyUp discount available on our BuddyUp page. For wholesale orders, and custom label information please call 704-372-5175 or email