CoCo Flirty Skirt Long


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When these are rarely on sale, these are all we have … no exchanges, no returns as we are making room to add new prints.

CoCo Flirty Skirt Long – We added 8″ Length Extension to make finished size of 25″ long, our choice of print. We put together these one-of-a-kinds which you can buy (Extension price already included).

Our Flirty Skirt just feels good. Made in America from our high-performance fabric, it travels well, dries quickly and does not need ironing. Wear over your bathing suit, your yoga pants, or go out for adventure, or out on the town feeling the silky smooth fabric on your bare legs.

At 17″ long, we add our new option to lengthen by 8″ to 25″ long) and now pull up for a short dress. Our wide waistband, you can wear at the waist, or be the hipster you are.

Our Flirty Skirt is fun on windy days with the fullness of our pattern tousled in the breeze; an easy stylish look for world-savvy, well-traveled Secret Agents of Style – CoCo Cheznaynay® style. Pair with our CoCo CamiShield with flats, heels or cowboy boots – the most fun Cover-Up in our colorful prints that coordinate with our other fun products. Look at our photos of real people in beautiful places – this represents a lifestyle we love and what our ScubaDoRag brand is all about. It started with CoCo Cheznaynay, Secret Agent of Truth & Style who believes we should be all of who we are; to have the courage to try the new that newness will be goodness.

Wear for water sports activities or wear for fashion, before and after yoga – so comfortable! On the dive boat, we put on our ScubaTubeSocks, then our wetsuit up to the waist, remove the CoCo Flirty Skirt over the wetsuit and it’s like we have our own portable dressing room. We also wear as a swingy tube top. For a different look, wear off on the shoulder for an asymmetrical, slimming slant.

Our Flirty Skirt is cut in the direction of the least stretch so waistband of 32″ stretches to 40″.

Our CoCo Flirty Skirt Long – with an 8” longer separate fabric extension for finished length or 25” you can wear on waist or hips. Our wide waistband is 30″ but stretches to 40″. Wear for watersports activities or wear for fashion, to and from yoga – so comfortable! Your own personal dressing room. I wear on the boat, when it is time to suit up, I take off my flipflops, put on my ScubaTubeSocks, slide into my wetsuit over my hips and bum, under the Flirty Skirt then remove the CoCo Flirty Skirt – same works in reverse. And now with longer length, you can wear as a dress and undress underneath.

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Weight 0.688 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in

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