FashGuards Super Shoodn'ts Shirts

We call our fashion-forward shirts FashGuards ’cause who wants to talk about a rash? ;-)Our original Shirts, custom-made, also came with Hoods so we called them Shoods. Then you asked for them without Hoods – ergo – Shoodn’ts. Channel your inner Super Hero or Secret Agent – break out and style some color and fun. We have customers lucky enough to have bought in the past, tell us people run them down to ask where these unusual wears can be found. The coolest, most complicated puzzle we’ve created yet. Twenty-four prints cut, then most shirt parts put together in our mixto style. There are very few, if any copies, even across sizes, so these one-of-a-kinds may never be duplicated again. and, if they are, will not be available until late summer. We are also taking them to shows so they may sell out while we are there, away from this shopping cart back office. If this happens, we will contact you to make a substitution. Our high-performance fabric prints, made in America, dry quickly, have a cooling effect and offer sun protection but, we cannot protect you from the looks you will get and the attention you will garner. These travel, wash & wear beautifully, are very comfortable for everyday wear and for active sports such as cycling, yoga, as a snorkeling, diving skin – superior quality, made in America suitable for Super Heroes. Wear with our Super Sleeves and Super Legs for a complete outfit or component parts that travel well. The fabric stretch is very generous – I, a size 10, can wear all three sizes so keep in mind when you see the measurements – they stretch – and so will your horizons as your courage to be bold is certainly noticed!

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