CoCo Big Oh! – Best Headband for Hair Management

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And now try our Limited Edition Prints – will come and go – truly collectible!

CoCo Big Oh! – Best Headband for Hair Management. Practical yet fashionable, the CoCo Big Oh! is a 6″ wide headband (to our British friends – Alice band) that features a high quality ponytail holder at the back of the band. Just pull your hair through the ponytail opening to reduce hair pulls. Wear wide or scrunch up and turn under. Our CoCo Big Oh! is sometimes just the perfect solution for those with short hair to keep pesky hair out of your mask for the optimal mask seal. Because of our original, unique design of the ponytail opening, even if not using for that purpose, it makes for less bulky fabric at the nape of the neck. If you ever decide you want a tighter fit, you can tie a tighter knot for a smaller opening.

I wear when washing my face and use while taking a bath, pull my longer hair through the band, twist it and tuck under the band.
I leave the house with one around my neck (a great look) and it is ready anytime I need to not worry about my hair, especially when I am teaching yoga and fitness classes or, want to reduce my body temperature by, it seems, 10 degrees.

Not every product we make is suitable for everyone hence our wide array of solutions where we hope to make your active life more enjoyable and stylish. Made of a 4-way stretch, high-performance fabric in bright colors and prints, it also makes a fashion statement topside. We have over thirty prints that can go with just about any outfit you can imagine.

Great for Yoga, Pilates, running in addition to water sports. From pirate to underwater explorer, chemo patient, runner and fashion forwards, our patented ScubaDoRag line of products include ScubaDoRags, ScubaGoodHoods, Scuba Tube Socks, headbands, Flirty Skirts, CoCo Cami Shields, accessories and even our line of funky RashGuards so you can dive in our colorful lifestyle.

Additional information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

AquaFish, Art No Deco, Black Water, BlueFishy, BluRay, BlushFishPink, Bluzzle, Camo Red, Chroma Edge, ChromaSub, Coral Aqua Octo Inked, CrystalCave, CurrentAffair, DeepBlueWreck, DepthFinder, Digi Bluzzle, Digi Carrot, Digi Limey, Digi Patriot, Earl of Curl, Fresh Coral, GetWetBlue, GetWetLimey, GrilledLime, HapHappy, HeatWave, HibisKiss, HibisKissBlues, InlandShade, Italian Isles, LavaLove, LimeyCamo, LimeyEh, MOcean, Ocean Spray, Paisley Babe, Paisley Park, PescadoPlaid, Psycho Smokey, ReefGladness, Rotus, SeabraMax, SeacretsBelow, Tesla, Topo Blue, Topo Red, TurtleLove, Tye Dye Oceanic, TyeDyePanky, YoginiBellini, WaterWiki, Youre So Orange, Youre So Red, YoureSoVeinPurple, LE Octo Rojo, LE Sharky Me Limey, LE Sharky Me Black, LE Mermaid Shell Phone, LE Pup's TropRock Pearlspot, LE Whale Tale Limey, LE Fox Ahoy Blanca

1 review for CoCo Big Oh! – Best Headband for Hair Management

  1. Jana Koetteritzsch (verified owner)

    Perfect style. Very quick transfer to Germany.

    • Suuz Martines

      Thank you Jana! So happy you like our style – and service!

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